BIS Curriculum

The BIS curriculum focuses progressively on a holistic view of the child as a playful learner who moves from concrete experience of learning to intellectual exploration. It balances individual, community and federal curriculum components. Specific programmes are designed to build a child’s knowledge and skills, their core values, and their motivation for self-directed learning.

At BIS we don’t expect our students to just follow a pre-determined path, we work with each student to ensure individualised success in literacy, numeracy and authentic problem based learning across the Key Learning Areas (KLAs). Freedom to explore the KLAs expands as students show competence in core skills, allowing them to research independently and follow their own designs and ideas.

Our school has a strong focus on literacy and numeracy acquisition as it empowers children to drive their own learning. With a continued emphasis on empowering the individual, we find the way to
capture your child’s learning passion and joy.

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