BIS assessment focuses on students developing good test taking skills, planning and organising for
projects, and internalised evaluations with critical analysis skills. We see assessment as a tool for the
students to self critique rather than a tool for judgement.

Assessment by curriculum components

The Cultural Component is assessed through projects, real life experiences such as the morning
meeting, fundraising, peer tutoring and whole community presentations. The students also use the
Self Directed Learning characteristics as the tools for self critique. This self critique is shared with
parents biannually as a portfolio presentation, a beautiful opportunity to hear your child talk about their
learning and share their interests and passions.

The Individualised Component is assessment is based around their goals. Students share what
they are comfortable with and assessment is primarily through observation and discussion.

The Societal Component satisfies the government requirements, grading the 8 Key Learning Areas
(KLAs) and reporting within biannual report cards as required by the Federal Government.


BIS students sit the year 3, 5 and 7 mandatory tests in literacy and numeracy. BIS participates in
NAPLAN, but NAPLAN will not change the BIS philosophy of teaching to the individual. How we compare
to schools that teach specifically to the exam is not a priority. More importantly, BIS kids are ready to
take their place in the world.

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