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Integral Parenting Workshop

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Terry O'FallonTwo day workshop with international field leaders Dr. Terri O’Fallon PhD and Kim Barta M.A.

27 – 28 February 2016 
9am – 4pm each day

Tickets available here

Brisbane Independent School
2447 Moggil Rd,
Pullenvale 4069
(07)3378 5466


We all develop throughout our lives. One of our greatest challenges is to learn how to engage with people who are at different levels of development than we are. This conundrum is more prominent and evident in families where parents are at different levels of development than their children.
A parent’s preferred parenting style is informed by their own developmental level, and it is not uncommon for that style to be incompatible with what a child needs at their developmental level.

This workshop features the Integral Stages developmental model that has been built on Ken Wilber’s AQAL model. Because its expression of development is based on the spaces in the quadrants, it is possible to pin point a developmental level that we or someone else is enacting in the moment simply by asking three questions, which leads one to the presenting level of development. With this kind of instant recognition in the moment, A parent can observe the peaks and valleys of their child’s development and learn to adjust their parenting skills to the specific needs of the child in the moment.

Application, embodiment and anticipated results
Participants can expect some practical ways to recognize, practice and utilize knowledge of the child and parent’s developmental patterns, to select appropriate parenting practices for the child with agility as the child dances between different levels of development in their growing up process. Throughout, questions, critiques, speculations and discussions for use and practice will be welcomed, recognizing the benefits of continuing research and practice for the evolution of this work.

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 5.51.29 pm

Kim Barta M.A. is an internationally recognized licensed professional psychotherapist, coach, spiritual guide, and speaker. His work and insights spring from grounded experimental practice with self and others in his cross cultural and life long experiences. Kim worked for gender rights in the small rural school in central Montana. In college, Kim founded Students in Union with Nature, which partnered College students with alternative energy advocates in the community creating a solar powered organic garden lifestyle for college students.

Kim graduated with a B.A. in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Montana in 1984. He pursued a Masters in an interdisciplinary program that combined Psychology, Social Work, Counseling, and Sociology in a broad perspective for healing. He lived with a Native American Shaman and did his Masters Thesis in Shamanism and Modern Psychotherapy. He graduated with high marks in 1986.

After developing and implementing a successful construction training program for people suffering from severe mental illness: Bi-polar, Schizophrenia, and Axis ll Disorders, Kim pursued outdoor leadership, becoming an instructor with the International Outward Bound schools. Kim went on to develop a mental health treatment program for children and youth that was adopted by 3 hospitals in Montana. In 1992, Kim founded and continues to co-operate a mind/body healing arts clinic in Polson, Montana, nestled beneath the high mission mountains on the shore of Flathead Lake, in the Flathead indian nation.

Ever seeking better ways of healing in the life of self and others, families and children, Kim, has developed several successful new forms of therapy that deeply and rapidly lead to healing. These have proven themselves effective with a wide range of issues including: Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Anger, Addiction, Chronic Pain, physical illnesses and weight loss and personal growth. People utilize his psychology/coaching/spiritual guidance practice, globally.

Currently, Kim has teamed up with Dr Terri O’Fallon to present workshops and trainings internationally in a new model of human development designed and researched by Dr. O’Fallon. Kim’s developmental learning theory fits lock and key with Dr O’Fallon’s Stages model and his extensive history in clinical human dynamics provides a grounded passion to the workshop experience.

Terri O'Fallon

Terri O’Fallon PhD is an Integral scholar who derives theory and research interests from a passionate practice of auspicious wondering, learning, and marinating in life; she is the daughter of a 95 year old dancing mother, eldest of seven siblings, parent of two adult children, grandparent of two granddaughters, and has over fifty years of teaching from pre-kindergarten through post PhD. She has a PhD. in Integral Studies and Masters degrees in Spiritual Direction and Special Education. These embodied experiences have supported her primary theory and research and teaching theme: Growing up is waking up throughout the lifespan.

Teaching has been a theme throughout her life beginning as a preschool and first grade teacher, she has taught every grade, including special education and the gifted. She has had the role of principle of schools and superintendent of schools, and taught in seven colleges and universities. Her interest in life span development naturally arose from this Terri’s research experience spans 40 years including eleven research studies conducted in various colleges, public schools and private research venues, but her most passionate theory, research and teaching work of the past eight years revolves around the Stages model which integrates the Integral model by Ken Wilber with the Ego development scale of Susanne Cook-Greuter. The Stages model was a natural culmination of her life’s experience. Ordinariness has been the trajectory of Terri’s life. Steeped in philosophy, research, teaching, and a myriad of spiritual practices, her path continues to bring her solidly home to the practical living, breathing appreciation of the simple things in life.

We wake up every morning. We grow up, quite naturally. We live through joys and sorrows, and face our family, friends, and neighbors every day. We grow old and watch our life approach its end as we apprehend the birth of our grandchildren. With the gifts of so many experiences, the highs and lows of being, what seems to always remain is what we were advised to do from birth: listening, gratitude, compassion, love, forgiveness, and generosity—lifelong lessons that never seem to end.

Unpacking the BIS Curriculum

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Please share with any friends who have kids.  Everyone welcome.

When: Wednesday, November 4th

Time: 6pm

Where: Brisbane Independent School, 2447 Moggill Road, Pullenvale


If you are unable to attend on the above date but are interested in attending a future talk please email Meli at to let her know.

Self-Directed Learning Talk

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Please share with any friends who have kids.  Everyone welcome.

When: Wednesday, November 25th

Time: 6pm

Where: Brisbane Independent School, 2447 Moggill Road, Pullenvale


If you are unable to attend on the above date but are interested in attending a future talk please email Meli at to let her know.

Concert and Shared Meal

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When: Thursday, December 3rd

Time: Evening

Where: Brisbane Independent School, 2447 Moggill Road, Pullenvale


Public Talk: Advocating for your child in Prep

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Spend time discussing the topic not ignoring it

Not sure about what you can expect from your school? Not sure how to raise concerns successfully with the teacher?

This popular workshop delivered by BIS’ Principal Jen is designed to give you some skills to actively use when confronted by your first experience of school as a parent.  It is a public workshop for anyone with a child starting in Prep in 2016.

Please share with any friends who have kids coming up to prep age.  Everyone welcome.

When: Friday 30 October

Time: 10am to 11am

Where: Brisbane Independent School, 2447 Moggill Road, Pullenvale



If you are unable to attend on the above date but are interested in attending a future talk please email Meli at to let her know.

Come and See Morning Tea

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comeandseeDate: Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Time: 10am-12pm

Our Come and See Morning Tea is postponed this month, as our principal Jen is away at training.

So, come along on the *second* Wednesday of the month for a tour through the school whilst class is in session, get a feel for BIS, and then listen to Jen explain how and why BIS works. You can also ask any questions, all whilst enjoying cake, tea and coffee.

Children are always welcome!

Please RSVP to or via phone at 07 3378 5466 or “like” our Brisbane Independent School Facebook Page.

BIStopia Week

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Once a year our students’ study into community, economic and governance systems culminates in BIStopia, a week where the BIStopia government makes laws, the post office send letters, the hospital and emergency services of BIS rescue those in need and…the BISmark (our currency) rules supreme as our budding entrepreneurs set up shops and sell their wares. Cookies, peg dolls, hairdressing and book shops are just some of the few shops from the past, made by the children with passion and vision.

It is a really remarkable event and great to take part in. If you would like to come along and shop please book in to attend by emailing

When: 2nd Term every year

Baked goods always score well on the kid's market research

Baked goods always score well on the kid’s market research

Pop corn invariably makes large sums of BISmarks for the "Popper"

Pop corn invariably makes large sums of BISmarks for the “Popper”

Self Directed Learning – What does this really mean in a primary school setting?

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Explore the nature of ‘Self Directed Learning’ through the prism of developmental theory and your own experience.

Presented by BIS’ Principal Jen, this lecture and little bit of self exploration looks at how developmental theory and social and emotional learning interlock in the process of developing self direction in the unfolding human being that is your child.


When : 25 November 2015 @  6:00pm – 7:30pm

Where : Brisbane Independent School – 2447 Moggil Rd Pullenvale


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