Our son has found his bliss in BIS! School was a struggle for Jack from day 1 in a smallish private school in a rural town. He was awkward socially and his learning was stressful (for everyone). More than that, his emotional state was of a major concern for us as his parents. He didn’t want to go to school each day and he was aggressive and emotional each afternoon. His prep/yr 1 teacher called him a ‘school gate kid’. Meaning he kept it together at school but exploded as soon as he reached the gate every afternoon! He was withdrawn at school, friendships were difficult for him and he didn’t take any learning in. By the beginning of year 3 we knew something had to change, and so the journey to find the right school for our boy began.
We looked at 3 other schools with alternative school structures before I ‘found’ BIS. By this stage Jack was completely fed up looking at schools and was reluctant to get in the car to drive to Brisbane so we could attend the ‘Come and See Morning Tea’. We were late. He was moody and aggressive but this changed when we pulled up in the car park. Jack perked up and looked out the windscreen. He was out of the car and walking up the path before I had locked it. This is when I knew instinctively BIS was not only different, but, BIS was for Jack. Our challenge was to find out if BIS was ready for Jack! On our way home that day, Jack talked non-stop about going to BIS, asking many questions like, “When can I start? When will we move? How will we do this? Will you drive me there every day if we can’t sell the house?” Before we left we organised with Jen to trial the school for close to a week to see how Jack fitted in, to observe his behaviour & more importantly, get a feel for how BIS worked. I can honestly say those 3 days changed our lives in so many ways. I saw for the first time, a little boy who was connected in a learning environment. My husband was a little reluctant to make the rather drastic move to Brisbane for school but after 3 days at BIS he had been convinced enough when greeted with a happy boy for the first time who was full of life, happy to talk about his day and gush about school, we started the formal application process and moving our life to Brisbane.
We have been at BIS for almost 2 terms now. Our boy is the happiest we have ever seen. He is keen to get to school each day. He is loving learning. He has made beautiful friendships. He respects the teachers and feels close to them. When I asked him what he liked best about BIS mid way through his first term, he thought long and hard and said “It makes me feel comfortable, I just feel comfortable mum”.
BIS is more than a primary school, it is a community of like-minded individuals who support each other in the parenting journey and educating our children. It is a valuable moral education. The teaching staff are out-of-this-world dedicated, professionals who care deeply about each child and family. They are engaged and have the freedom to teach as needed. The BIS environment is an enviable patch of paradise, a rich learning environment on it’s own. It is a peaceful space full of beautiful energy. BIS is happy children learning how to socialise, deal with conflict, find their voice, stretching themselves in a supportive and safe space.
BIS, for us, is an extension of home.
When we were looking into BIS as an option for us, I heard from teachers and parents how the children love BIS and don’t want to go home each day. A strange concept I will admit and at the time I thought a little exaggerated. But no! I happily struggle to get my boy home every day. It is not unusual for us to be getting home around 4.30-5pm. Happy and tired.
We feel fortunate to have found BIS. Pleased it has worked well for us that Jack has transitioned well to his new learning environment. We respect the BIS values and appreciate time and energy not only the staff but also The Board, invest in the school and the education each child receives.
There is nothing better than asking your young child how his day was on the way home from school and having them smile and say ‘it was awesome….again’ or ‘it was great, as usual’.
In gratitude”

David, Kylie and Jack Wheatley – at BIS since 2013
My son has attended BIS for two years. When he started he was a very anxious child who often refused to do his school work for fear of not “getting it right” and not knowing how to start a task. He was also quite timid socially and had trouble joining in a group, especially in the playground during lunch breaks. He received so much assistance on an individual level in the classroom that he now can complete tasks without fear and is doing amazingly well with his schoolwork. Through the kindness of the other children and the love and care shown by teachers, he has learned how to join in with groups of children and now seems much happier within himself too. BIS has proven to be a wonderful start to his primary school years.
Kelly, mother of Ben – at BIS 2011 to 2013
Sending me to BIS was just about the best investment in my future my parents made during my childhood. We were taught how to think, rather than what to think about. We learnt how to question, and how to find the answers. We learnt how to respect others as equal partners in a learning journy – other kids, parents and teachers – and how to be agile in following trails of information seeking both breadth and depth of knowledge. My brother, sister and I (and also 2 of my cousins) are all very different individuals, with very different intellectual leanings, yet the focus on each of us as an important individual whose choices mattered gave us a great deal of support in finding that spark of talent or interest that was truely our own, and that we could continue to ‘feed’ throughout high school and into university. I am certain it is no accident that a very high proportion of BIS past pupils have carved out high achieving or personally fulfilling (and often highly creative and future focussed) adult paths – BIS has always nurtured a spirit of inquiry while ensuring all that basic stuff is more than covered. I am still in contact with many of my BIS school friends, and we all know we were so lucky to be welcomed into that lifelong learning family that will be with us forever“.
Mimi – at BIS 1972 to 1978 (Year 1 to 7)
I attended BIS for one year in Grade 3. BIS used a highly intellectual and engaging game to improve my reading and a complex dice system to improve my mathematics. When I returned to an ordinary school in Grade 4 I was far ahead of my class mates in both reading and mathematics. I have always remembered the system and as a teacher in training I now use the same highly engaging system to teach these skills to young students, with great results.
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